Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a beautiful Sunday!

On Friday evening I dropped of Lil Angel at my older sisters house. My sister has a 10 year old daughter, and 2 boys ages 5 1/2 and 3. All of her kids just love Lil Angel. We are going to pick her up just after dinner and I can't wait to hear what she did. I know they went go cart riding, we have never done this.

My husband and I took Monkey and Pumpkin to a local hotel and the girls went swimming. A good friend of mine built a relationship with this hotel and they do some things for our Autism community. The girls had a great time! I did hear Pumpkin talking to a sibling of anther child who has Autism and they said they were exhausted. That was so nice to hear! They will go to bed early and sleep good tonight and that's a huge plus.

Monkey could hear her echo at the pool so she squealed happily the whole time. She squeals when she can hear her echo, it gets annoying but boy does she love it! She splashed like crazy the whole time and I had to laugh when one of the other kids splashed her and she yelled at him. Monkey didn't really play with the other kids but she did have fun. When she was done swimming she wanted a towel, then she walked around the pool and complained she was cold so I had her sit down and I put another towel on her lap. After more complaining I asked her if she was done swimming, she said yes so I took her to get dressed.

I hope you all had a great weekend too!

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