Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beautiful Day

It is supposed to get up to 39 degrees today! That is just exciting for those of us who live in the mid Atlantic area because a few weeks ago we got a ridiculous amount of snow and today will melt some of it. My husband was traveling for work all week and last night he safely flew in from Oregon, thank you God for getting him home safe and sound! Because it's going to be so nice out today I am hoping to go out for the day. Lil Angel is spending the weekend with my older sister and her kids so I am ready to enjoy a somewhat calm weekend. It's interesting, I find that when you take one of my kids out of the house it really changes the dynamics. For clarification go back to my Blizzard and Nor'easter blog post.


  1. Hello! I saw your comment on my blog on Mom Blogger's Club:-) I am following you, you have a great blog!



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