Friday, February 12, 2010

Can you say Blizzard then Nor'easter 2 days later?

Well, everyone in the Mid Atlantic can! We live in Delaware, on Friday into Saturday we had the Blizzard of 2010. I think our total snowfall was well over 20". Monkey doesn't go outside if it's cold, and that's the end of that conversation with her. Me, "Monkey do you want to go outside and play with your sisters"? Monkey, "NO"! Lil Angel's best friend, we will call him J came over to play on Monday, his Dad had to work and his older sister went out so he spent the day with us. My girls LOVE J so they all went out to play including Monkey to my surprise got her lil butt outside! They played in the foothill that was across the street in our neighbors yard. She came in about 15 minutes later freezing, that was the end of her playing in the snow.

Then on Tuesday into Wednesday we got the Nor'easter of 2010. Luckily Delaware didn't get the brunt of it but we did get about 15" more of snow. We are watching another snowstorm that looks as though it is coming right at us!

The kids have off school all week. Ya want to know what I did all week? I intervened in about 100 battles in our house. Oh it was great fun this week. Monkey is on 2 medications and I had the hardest time getting them into her, she wanted nothing to do with it. Monkey has decided lately that she loves Pumpkin! She loves her so much she grabs her out of the blue and gives her what she calls a hug, Pumpkin calls them the hug of death because Monkey squeezes the heck out of her. You have to wait a second, tell Monkey it's so nice she loves and is hugging Pumpkin and force her to let go. Let me describe to you what this looks like. Monkey grabs Pumpkin, I have to run over to pull Monkey off of her while Pumpkin screams as loud as she possibly can! I finally pry Monkey of her so she runs for our living room. Monkey make a wild dash at the living room so I grab her and we both crash onto the floor. Monkey gets a gentle bump because I land on my back. Somewhere in this my glasses fly off of my face. I am gently trying to calm Monkey so I can let her go meanwhile she is flailing at me. Have I mentioned that 2 weeks ago I had surgery on my nose? Well I did, and it doesn't really hurt unless you bump it! So I am trying to sooth Monkey while trying to protect my face at the same time. Monkey finally seems calm so I let her go. She runs into the living room and I grab my glasses and run after her and I find her sitting on the sofa sitting next to Pumpkin calmly watching on of their TV shows. My heart is beating out of my chest. Seeing them both calm I push my glasses on my nose, they are loose and I put off getting a new pair because I know it's just a matter of time before Monkey smacks them off of my face again.

It's so exciting, they have off of school again on Monday for Presidents day and they may have off a few more days if it snows again!


  1. We don't get weather like that where I'm at in CA! :)

    Following you back.

  2. Where is CA? I visited with my husband this past summer in northern CA.

    I love the snow, then again I am a stay at home mom so I don't have to drive in it.

  3. We had 7' in Texas, almost a record! Following you from The Product Review Place. Have a great weekend!

  4. Following you from MBC. Will come back later for a read. ta ta

  5. Hi! Visiting from MBC! We just got hit with seven inches of snow where I'm at in TX! (Some places got as much as nine inches!) They said we've never had this much snow at once in the 125 years they've been recording weather!

    I really enjoy your blog!! :)

  6. Yes I remember coming between those arguement so well. Feel for you with the snow. We had a few inches in Georgia and it is bad, so feel more for yall!

  7. thanks for the follow...following you back :)



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