Sunday, February 7, 2010

Product Review on Journals Unlimited

I want to add that Journals Unlimited is running a FREE NOTEPAD promo on their website. Check out for details.

I received a sample from Journals Unlimited so that I can write a product review on one of their journals. I chose the Day Planner because I felt that it was something that I can use.

I LOVE this journal because I am able to keep track of my day. The pages alternate. You have a notes page and a day planner page for every day. Further, the date is left blank, so if you want to skip some days, you can without wasting paper like you would in a pre-dated journal. As a mom to 3 children (and homeschooling my oldest) it's fair to say that I am a busy mom. I was having difficulty keeping track of what needed to be done, Dr. appointments, etc. I was using a refrigerator calender, but I found that it couldn't keep track of everything that I needed it to. And I can't really take the fridge calendar with me; the journal is portable, which is a must for a mom on the go!

The cover is sturdy. It's not flimsy like a notebook that you buy from the store. You can shove it in a drawer and the cover will not tear and break easily. I love that this journal is going to last me a long time!

The Day Planner pages have preset times starting at 7 AM and goes all way to 8 PM with two lines per hour, room for plenty of notes. My journal starts with 7:30; I get Monkey out the door on her bus at 8. I then sit down and relax till Lil Angel and Pumpkin wake up at around 9:00. I get them breakfast and let them watch tv till about 10:00 then we all get dressed for the day. Pumpkin gets on her bus at 12:50 then Lil Angel and I come in have lunch then start school. On the journal I write in times of what we do for example 1:30 will be math, I have her do a few pages then I talk about how we use math in real life. Then we work on English, history, etc. The journal helps me keep track of how long we are working and what we are doing each day. The next page has notes/lists/priorities so that I can write out more information that may not fit on the first page.

Journals Unlimited 55 journals to choose from! Some examples of their selections are Hiking - The Hiker's Journal, Horses - A Rider’s Journal, Lighten up - A Weight Control/ Workout Journal, Birthday - The Birthday Journal, The Blank Journal, Boating - The Boaters Journal, Books I've Read - A Reader's Journal, Camping - The Campers Journal and many more! They also have a blank journal where if you love to write this journal gives you plenty of room to write. The “Write-it-Down!” series is printed in the USA using soy based ink on acid-free recycled paper. This is great, I know most of us moms want to be green. I highly recommend these journals.

****I want to add that Journals Unlimited is running a FREE NOTEPAD promo on their website. Check out for details.****


  1. This planner is simple and cute ! If i have one of these I can use in the office. I can use this to manage my time since it has preset time. I love this kind of planners. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Your welcome, I'm glad you like it!!

  3. Nice review! And thanks for the follow form MBC! Following back and look forward to blogging with you!

  4. Thank you Theta Mom, this is my 1st review and I am quite giddy about it! I am driving my facebook friends and family nuts over it!! LOL

    Thank you!

  5. Yes! It is a good review. Thank you.

    I also wanted to let you know that I was honored to do Battle of the Blogs with you. I like your blog and have been watching it. It's not an easy thing to raise three children under any circumstances, but in these times with one child who has autism, it's awe inspiring to witness.

    Good job and thank you for a most enjoyable experience here.

    Jamie Dedes
    Musing by Moonlight
    Brooklyn, In Memory Most Green

  6. Jamie,
    Thank you so much for your nice comments! I enjoy doing battels on BE and reading other people's blogs also.

  7. This is Blessing following from MBC.

    Follow me at too!

  8. Thank you Blessing. I am happy to have you here.



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