Friday, February 19, 2010

Skin MD

I like this lotion because it isn't thick like some other lotions but it isn't so light that you barely notice you put in on. I think this lotion would be good for people who must wash their hands frequently like moms of young children and moms of special needs children who are not potty trained. Initially you need to apply every 2-8 hours then when moisture level improves then you apply the lotion every 12-48 hours.

I apply the lotion in the morning and because I am so busy I forget to apply it again as the directions suggest, but in the evening I can still feel that my hands are soft. With other lotions when I wash my hands I can feel that it washes away, by three hand washings later I need to reapply it. I don't have that problem with Skin Md's Natural lotion. Once I apply it I can feel throughout the day how soft my hands and face are.

I think I have Rosacea and I never put lotion on my face because if I did my face would break out and get red. I did apply Skin Md's lotion on my face because I wanted to put this lotion to a test. So if my face broke out then I know that it isn't a good lotion. Well, I found that not only has my face not broken out but the lotion has left my skin soft and to my surprise I noticed the red is a lot lighter. I will make several other posts about Skin Md's lotion as the week goes on and I will keep you updated.

I also like that this lotion has no animals products or testing. Therefore because I am so happy with this lotion I recommend it. Not only do I like that it makes my skin soft but I am thrilled with how it is taking the red in my face away. A bottle costs $18.00. Don't let the cost scare you away, if you have to wash your hands regularly, have Rosacea, or other skin problems then this is a must have product!


  1. This lotion sounds nice, I think it's worth the price. I also don't like using thick lotion, very irritating when I'm out in the sun. I'll keep this in mind, the next time I do my grocery.

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  3. That's great Erika!

    Thank you so much I am going to check out your blog.



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