Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm exhausted

My husband is traveling for work, he left on Tuesday and wont be back until late tonight which means the kids and I wont see him until tomorrow morning. I am just exhausted being on my own this week. It's not so bad when he is away for 2 or 3 days but 5 days I feel like a single mom. God bless single moms especially those moms who have autistic child(ren) my heart goes out to you and I will start praying for you because this is NOT easy!

Yesterday my fibro went nuts, I think it was due to getting the blood work done, I just love needles, and having to go to the store. There is a reason I stay at home a lot. I get so tired too when I have to drive around it's weird how it takes so much out of me. But today I am feeling much better I think staying on top of the med schedule helps.

This week has been really hard on Monkey, I think having her daddy away most of the week hasn't helped her but last Friday she came home from school saying she was screaming for mommy. She said she spent some time with the discipline lady at her school and this woman told her to think about it. Monkey NEVER tells me anything about school so I was very upset. Monkey has no clue what she is supposed to think about so I think she remembered what happened because she got so upset. Her teacher sends home daily reports of how she does each day and I was not happy to see he wrote she had a great day! Plus no report on what happened. I wrote a note back what she said and his response was it wasn't a big deal. I told him I want him to keep me updated on what is going on. Then yesterday and this morning Monkey told me she doesn't want to go to school and she was screaming and crying. I have to send her to school, this is where she gets her therapies. I am homeschooling Lil Angel and having Monkey home to it would be impossible for get anything done with either of them. I don't think pulling Monkey out of school is a good solution.

Anyway, I am working on a product review for Skin MD and I am planning on having it on my blog sometime today. My husband reads over my reviews so not having him home is really set me back.

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